thinc.’s unique proposition is our legal academic expertise. We investigate how international law has been, is and should be interpreted and applied in relation to Israel, the Middle East and, specifically, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The base of all our publications is in the academic research we do. The research is carried out by students, interns, Associates and Fellows. The results of our research are documented in different forms. The research portfolio is defined on an annual basis and regularly revisited with a view to current developments. We also conduct research on demand.


We consult and advise politicians and governments with the ultimate objective to bring about change in the international anti-Israel political arena, especially in the UN and its institutions. To this end we publish i.a. briefing papers and reports, and discuss the topics one-on-one or during seminars and workshops with politicians and policy makers, influencers and (church) leaders.  

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The EU two-state policy concerning the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is failing, despite a half-century of strenuous EU efforts expending tens of
This UNHRC Commission of Inquiry is a legal failure and a moral crime against the Jewish State of Israel. Its
The Israeli government has announced intentions to apply Israeli civil law and jurisdiction to parts of the Jordan Valley and/or