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Is Israel’s Fight against Hamas justified under International Law? | Video

Is Israel’s Fight against Hamas justified under International Law? | Video


The escalation between Israel and Hamas in Gaza in May 2021, and the decision of the International Criminal Court in early 2021 to open an investigation into possible crimes committed in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, raise fundamental issues about the scope of international law and legitimacy. These issues were discussed at an international roundtable organised by ELNET-France and thinc. on 9th June 2021.

The roundtable was chaired by Dr. Arié Bensemhoun, CEO of ELNET-France.
The speakers at the roundtable were:
• Part 1: Israel’s battle for legitimacy – Andrew Tucker
• Part 2: Israel and Hamas – the law of self-defence and proportionality – Prof. Laurie Blank
• Part 3: The IDF’s approach to compliance with international law – Col. (res.) Adv. Daniel Reisner
• Part 4: Implications of the ICC “Situation in Palestine” for prosecution of Israeli leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity – Dr. Dov Jacobs

Click the following link to read or download the Webinar Summary Report, 9 June 2021.

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