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Tailor made workshops about Israel and International Law

It is our mission to increase knowledge about the legitimacy of the state of Israel as an avenue to promote peace in the Middle East. We believe that educational success is the cornerstone in countering misconceptions, equipping for the general debate, and enhancing civic engagement. The holistic approach of our programs will help our learners contextualize Israel’s position in the Middle East region and within the international community.  

Our educational programs explore the interrelationship between history, politics, religion and international law. They are meant for anyone who: 

  • wishes to enter discussions and challenge peers about Israel related themes in a confident and knowledgeable manner;  
  • wants to learn anything and everything about Israel and International Law and master practical and theoretical skills to combat lawfare; 
  • wants to understand key events in Israel and the Middle East in the light of the Bible, geopolitics and the currently dominating views in the academic world.  
Tailor made workshops about Israel and International Law

Online educational programs:

thinc. invests in digital capabilities to enable the delivery of online courses through an online learning platform that will soon be integrated in our website (work in progress).

Please refer to our resources page for all existing online educational material.

Onsite educational programs: 

Besides e-learning, thinc. also engages in and initiates onsite learning opportunities – leveraging our location in The Hague and our broad international network.

The educational onsite thinc. activities include: 

  • Bi-Annual Summer- and Winter School in Israel: There is no better classroom than Israel itself, subject of the matter. The Summer and Winter Schools are a two-week program that combines excursions, lectures and workshops in order to provide insights into the role of International Law and the international community in promoting a peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • Annual Conference in The Hague which addresses current issues in the Middle East, the treatment of the State of Israel, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict within the UN and related institutions.

Please refer to our events page to see what educational events are coming up next.

Tailor-made workshops 


Do you, your friends or your colleagues want to learn more about Israel and international law? thinc. provides tailor-made workshops especially for your organization. Whether it’s an offline or onsite workshop, and whether you want to learn the basics of international law or receive training in advocacy for Israel – thinc. supplies.  


Contact us about prices and possibilities.  

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