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Interview Andrew Tucker – Does Israel commit war crimes?

Key points of the interview: Iran has been appointed as the chair of UN Human Rights Council 2023 Social Forum – isn’t that strange? It is outrageous because Iran is the most radical regime opposed to human rights and western values. It’s an Islamic Revolutionary regime and through the IRGC (military branch) Iran is creating […]

Interview with Adv. Maurice Hirsch about the Hamas attack, and the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

This video is a very interesting conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Maurice. Hirsch from Jerusalem. He’s the former military Advocate General in the West Bank, is currently with the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Hamas is an Islamic fundamentalist organization. It rejects entirely Israel’s existence. It believes that every single part of the land once conquered […]

Conversations – Episode 4: The War of Return

Millions of Palestinians are registered as refugees, and Palestinian leaders continue to claim they have a “right to return”. Misunderstanding of this issue has prevented a peaceful resolution of the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Conversations – Episode 1: THE ICC AND UN RESOLUTIONS

Professor Gregory Rose is a leading expert in maritime law and international criminal law. In this session, he discusses the recent decisions of the ICC, and the modern trend to regard UN resolutions as sources of international law.

International Criminal Court and “the situation in Palestine” | Video

Yesterday the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court issued her reply to the many submissions made to the Court by legal academics and others, including seven States, concerning the question whether ‘Palestine’ exists as a state. On our reading, Ms. Bensouda fails to seriously engage with those arguments, preferring instead to re-assert her expansive position.

Questions & Answers by Dr. Cynthia D. Wallace

Questions & Answers by Dr. C.D. Wallace thinc. – What are the 1949 Armistice Lines 1:22 thinc. – Is Israel obliged to comply with UN Security Council resolutions 0:33 thinc. – Does the United Nations have power to make international law 1:47 thinc. – Is UN Security Council Resolution 2334 binding on Israel 1:24

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