The ICJ, Israel and the request for an Advisory Opinion

Why the ICJ should not render an Advisory Opinion on the Israeli Occupation  Introduction  On 30th December 2022, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution (77/247) requesting the International Court of Justice to render an advisory opinion on the following questions: On 3rd February 2023, the Court invited all UN member states to make written submissions to […]

Successes and Failures in Israel’s Multifront Wars

By Stephen L. Meszaros and Robert Ratonyi Since its creation as a modern Jewish state in 1948, Israel has fought fifteen wars with its existence at stake against Arab neighbors and the Palestinians living within its borders.  These wars ranged from the War of Independence in 1948, the Six-Day War in 1967, and the Yom Kippur […]

Israel is on Trial in the UN – is there a case for the defense?

By Gregory Rose and Andrew Tucker In May this year, many Jews and their friends will celebrate the 75th birthday of the State of Israel. The Jewish State has been violently opposed for over a century, since before it was a physical reality, even back while it was still a political idea. Today, continuing attacks on that […]

Two states for two peoples? | Webinar

UKLFI Charitable Trust held a webinar on “Two States for Two Peoples? – The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, International Law and EU Policy with Andrew Tucker and Prof Dr Wolfgang Bock and chaired by Natasha Hausdorff on Thursday 19th January 2023. In this webinar Prof Dr Wolfgang Bock and thinc. director Andrew Tucker explained the origins of […]

Together on the Golan

By Jeannette Gabay In order to give our children more freedom and to enable us to enjoy the great outdoors, we recently moved from Jerusalem to a small kibbutz on the Golan Heights. At times, that decision was met with skepticism, because the legal status of the area seems complicated. A brief history lesson: The […]

Australia reverses its position on Jerusalem

By Andrew Tucker  The recently-elected centre-left government in Australia announced this week that it will no longer recognize West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, reversing a 2018 decision by the previous conservative government. The government announced that Australia recognizes Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem, as Israel’s capital. It reaffirmed that Jerusalem’s status must be resolved in peace […]