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Israel at war: Condemn Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Stop All Financial Support

Israel at war: Condemn Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Stop All Financial Support

October 7th , 2023

The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation (thinc.) is a global legal community that promotes the rule of law, peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and justice and security in the Middle East.

As a response to this morning’s massacres and illegal terrorist attacks on Israeli villages and cities, October 7th, 2023, killing, abducting dozens and wounding hundreds of civilian women, men, elderly, and children, we call all nations to condemn Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to immediately stop ALL financial support of the PLO – Palestine Liberation Organization, the Palestinian Authority and other Palestinian factions who have openly or tacitly supported their operations and have led to this unforgivable tragedy and killing of civilians.

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have launched an unprovoked and deeply hostile attack directed against Israeli citizens. Terrorist violence is unjustified under international law. Israel has the right and responsibility under international law to use proportionate force to defend its citizens and destroy the cause of these attacks.

This situation is a test of the international community’s commitment to the international legal system as a whole and the laws of war in particular. The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation accordingly calls upon all nations to immediately condemn indiscriminate attacks by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other groups against Israeli civilians.

The international community must recognise Israel’s rights as a sovereign nation to use necessary and proportionate force to defend its borders and protect its citizens.

We also call upon all nations to condemn Iran’s role in promoting violence against Israel and financing and supporting these organisations.

For more information, please contact [email protected] , Thinc-Israel – Israel and International Law

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