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Your guide to Israel and International Law

International law is a major weapon used by Israel’s adversaries, often exploited to delegitimize the State of Israel. Through our analysis, education, advice and advocacy, we help you understand international law – what it is, and what it isn’t – and counter the misuse of law. 

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Tailor made workshops about Israel and International Law
Do you, your friends or your colleagues want to learn more about Israel and international law? thinc. provides tailor-made workshops especially for your organization. Whether it's an online or onsite workshop, and whether you want to learn the basics of international law or receive training in advocacy for Israel - thinc. provides. Contact us about prices and possibilities.
Through different courses, thinc. provided me with solid knowledge about Israel and International Law. thinc. has also connected me to a global network of likeminded people, which I am very grateful for.
Olympia G.

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International Conference 'Israel on Trial' - March '23

Israel celebrated 75 years of statehood in spring 2023. Despite those 75 years, the international community is increasingly questioning its legitimacy. As the legal challenges to Israel keep increasing and to mark the 75th anniversary, we organized an international conference in The Hague to address the current crisis of international law concerning Israel. An impressive list of speakers lined up, among whom Hillel Neuer, an international lawyer, diplomat, and Executive Director of UN Watch. Click 'more information' to scroll through photos and conference materials.

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The Hague & Nijkerk

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thinc. is an abbreviation for ‘The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation’. Our name includes a reference to the place where we are founded – The Hague,  global capital of International Law – as well as a message of hope for peace and security between Israel and her neighbours.  

The Hague and International Law share a long history; the Dutchman, Hugo Grotius (1589-1653) was one of the founders of International Law and nowadays The Hague is home to the most important international courts and tribunals including the International Court of Justice, seated in the Vredespaleis, and the International Criminal Court. 

Israels legitimacy is – and has always been – under attack as no other nation. As a matter of fact, the legal challenges to Israel are continuously increasing. In 2017, thinc. was established with the aim of counteracting this development through research,  education and advocacy. We also want to contribute to the promotion of peace in the region via economic, cultural, scientific and faith-based cooperation.  

We believe that the Jewish State of Israel has a right to exist and is entitled to sovereign equality among the nations, free from acts or threats of force and violence.

We also believe that through a fair and balanced understanding of history and the dynamics in the region, Israel can be a starting point for peace and prosperity throughout the Middle East region.

thinc. is a global network of international law academics and practitioners, as well as experts in related fields such as political science, religion and history. Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to offer context to legal debate and raise a credible voice of reason and justice in the midst of complex debates about Israel and International Law. thinc. raises its voice in three fields: research, education, and advocacy. These three branches of activity have many synergies and are all part of our greater mission to challenge the delegitimization of Israel and promote co-existence on all possible levels. 

You can be involved in many different ways. Here are some examples:  

(1) Equip yourself by joining one of our educational programs in The Hague or Israel 

(2) Read and share our publications. Sharing is caring!  

(3) Join our academic network. Your expertise can be greatly beneficial to the cause.  

(4) Donate! thinc. is an NGO that is dependent on gifts to do its work. 

Steun thinc. - Uw gids voor Israël en het internationaal recht

Welkom. thinc biedt ons groeiende netwerk van vrienden en experts wereldwijd inzichten die van belang zijn in het conflict tussen Israël en hun tegenstanders door de lens van het internationaal recht.
– Steun ons vanaf vandaag vanaf €5 per maand.